instant pot review

Our Review of Instant Pot and Why We Love it

Everyone is raving out about the Instant Pot. It’s been around for a while now and being a best-seller on Amazon Prime Day for 2 years consecutively, it does deserve some serious attention. It has actually changed the way people cook and is a great relief for people who are just starting out. Or people who want to save their time while preparing meals for the family.

So my wife came across this Instant Pot review here and she expressed her interest of buying one for ourselves. We got it on Prime Day and have really loved it so far.

Why we Love our Instant Pot

Now here are few reasons why Instant Pot is a great choice for home chefs.

1. Time Saver

Instant Pot is a huge time saver. It cooks your food faster while keeping it hygienic and nutritious. You will find it helpful specially if you are a working woman and don’t have much time to do pre-cooking preparations. You can even program some of your favorite dishes and teach your younger kids at home to cook food themselves when you are not home so they don’t starve. Cooking with an Instant Pot is easy as pie.

2. Ease of Use

I was it skeptical before I bought it and I thought to myself: “Am I even going to understand how to use an Instant Pot”. But once we bought it, I figured out using Instant Pot was a breeze. The control panel is very easy to use and navigate. You can make your whole dinner by pushing a button. There is also a user manual that comes in the box when you place your order. If you need help with anything, the user manual is there to help. Also, there are Facebook communities dedicated for Instant Pot where I’ve found people extremely helpful.

3. Safety

Unlike traditional pressure cookers that could explode any moment, Instant Pot is manufactured under highest safety standards. You can’t start cooking until the lid is properly locked, and once it is properly closed, it won’t open until steam is released. So even if you are beginner chef who is scared of pressure cooking, this is for you. You can start cooking with Instant Pot without any hesitation. You are going to love the ease of use it provides.

4. Consumes Less Energy

So we all talking about going green and stuff. The Instant Pot is a great energy saver too. Unlike your other kitchen appliances like oven, microwave, etc. that consume a lot of power, InstaPot consumes 70% less power than those devices which make it an extreme energy saver. This pressure cooker’s automatic temperature control is what makes it energy efficient by heating the inner pot to required temperature and then retains it. It starts heating again when the temperature drops so you really end up saving huge amount of energy when you are using Instant Pot for your cooking.

5. Thousands of Recipes

Instant Pot has gone really popular and there are a ton of recipes being created by hundreds of bloggers. I also came across this Instant Pot Recipes Finder tool that curates instapot recipes from the interent and allows you to search the database, which makes it easy for you to access all Instant Pot recipes on one single website.

Besides all the benefits above, Instant Pot makes healthy food and all the nutrients and vitamins are preserved when you cook the food.